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This is strictly a FAN BLOG for Jennifer Horner. I do not claim to be Jenn. This is simply a fan blog run by a few of her fans.
Anonymous: more pictures!!I love seeing recent pics of Jen

Isn’t she gorgeous?!

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Anonymous: jennifer horner does have a tumblr besides the ones she dosent use anymore and does send out proof to certain people that ask, i could give out her cell number her REAL cell number to anyone that also asks accounting for i am one of her best friends and am tired of people used her fucking photos everywhere its identity theft and me and jenn have talked about it and we are really considering calling the cops on these matters.

Come off of anon.

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Anonymous: do u ever post pics of you?

There are 3 people who run this blog, but if you come off anon we may give out our personal tumblrs.

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Anonymous: post pics

We are.

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Anonymous: post more jenn pics!

We are!(:

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